Cato Lein

Cato Lein

Picking up jewelry at Patriksson Communication | Maria Nilsdotter

This morning I went by Patriksson Communication to pick up some jewelry for tomorrows shoot. Sandra and I are having our portraits taken for the print magazine we’re releasing this autumn. Cato Lein is shooting and I’m actually very exited, Sandra’s not, she’s a photographer and as most of them she hates being in font of the camera. Today I also found out Patriksson got more then just pretty accessories and clothes, they got a terrific service which includes tasty cappuccinos.


Self portrait by Anna Granberg

Tomorrow I will be working on a shoot for Odalisque inspired of images by Carlo Mollino. Cato Lein is shooting, Anna Wahlin is doing the styling and I will do the beauty part. Anna Granberg is our model, you can see her in Tout Entiere by Paulina Otylie Surys and in a lot of my older blogposts :)